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Links to Weightlifting Resources:

IWF Rules Book (2013-2016) available for download/printout   HERE.

USA Weightlifting

Denis Reno’s Weighlifting Newsletter Subscription Info

Butch Curry’s LiftTilYaDie

Boston Weightlifing Forum

Robinson Weightlifting

Masters Weightlifting (for athletes aged 35 and up) in U.S.A. has a dedicated website: with schedule of upcoming events, results, etc.

Tommy Kono, voted the Weightlifter of The 20th Century, has published two books on Olympic Weightlifting. You may order these and other merchandise here:

MILO–A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes, edited by Randall J. Strossen, is published quarterly. As the title suggests, it covers various strength-related activities with news, color photos and training advice. For more information:

These are informational links only. New England LWC does not endorse or receive a commission on sales of any merchandise.

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