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Posted July 14, 2014 (see Update, below)

A total of 109 competitors–48 women and 61 men–out of the expected 120 showed up for this one-day event held Sunday, July 13, 2014 on the Boston Campus of the University of Massachusetts. Two platforms were employed but only one Speaker to direct things; fortunately for the volunteers the event moved quite briskly!

Please NOTE the following: the Results posted here include all competitors, whether they were members of USAW or not. There are some errors in the data which the Webmaster doesn’t have time to deal with, as he is packing to travel to USAW National Championships later this week. If any New England Records were broken, news of this will be posted in future. Also note there may be formatting issues with the appearance of these Results Spreadsheets.


Session One, all Women, available here:    Bay State Games one pdf

Session Two, Men 56 thru 85 Kilos Bodyweight here:    Bay State Games two pdf

Session Three, Men 94 thru 105+ Kilos Bodyweight here:   Bay State Games three pdf

*** Update:  July 27, 2014 ***

At this event the following New England LWC Records were set:  McKenna Neeb (Robinson Weightlifting) set Junior Records for Women, 75+ Kilos Class with Snatch of 45 and Clean & Jerk of 60 for a Total of 105 kilos. Carly Mauch (Robinson Weightlifting) broke her own Snatch mark for Senior Women, 75+ Kilos Class with a successful 85 kilos. Congrats to McKenna and Carly!!

GREG LAXER, Webmaster


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