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Welcome to the “virtual” Hall of Fame! As of October 2013, the “physical” Hall of Fame, including photographs, plaques, and trophies relating to the electees, is “in transit.” Its location will be rotated and a News Update posted explaining how arrangements to visit may be made.

The Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to honor New England participants in our sport who have distinguished themselves in any of three categories: Athlete, Coach, Administrator. [Now the fine print: Until 2011, Maine was a separate entity, but is now included in the New England Local Weightlifting Committee jurisdiction. Also in 2011 a new category was added for nominees who have contributed in various roles but are hard to pin down to just one of the above. This is the Significant Contributor category.]

To be considered for election to the Hall, an individual must have been active in the sport a minimum of 10 years (not necessarily consecutive years). He or she must have held USAW membership in the New England LWC for at least part of that time and be nominated by a then-current New England member. A very detailed resume of the nominee’s activities/achievements is required for the HOF Committee to even consider acting on the nomination. You will note below no new members added for most years since 1995, when these requirements started being strictly enforced.

A nomination that survives this “vetting” process is then put to a vote in which all LWC members may participate, 50% or more “Yes” votes required for election to the Hall. There is currently a limit of two nominees to any category per year. A nomination of a person active in the sport prior to 1960 will be considered by a HOF subcommittee, but the requirement for great detail would still apply.

NEW!! MAY 2013

Biographical material is now posted for Members of the New England Weightlifting Hall of Fame for those names highlighted below as active links. This is a work in progress, and more information will be added as it is obtained. Corrections and additions to what is posted are welcome from authoritative sources. If you read the bios on some of the earliest notable New England lifters you will discover that our region of the country was a hotbed of activity, with numerous national events staged. This level of activity declined along with the fortunes of US lifters in general when the “Soviet Bloc” nations pushed their athletes to the fore of Olympic Weightlifting on the world stage, though we still had outstanding performers, e.g. Bob Bednarski and Mark Cameron. The leadership of New England LWC is very pleased with the increase in recent years of numbers of women and men competing, and the frequency of contests being held in the region.

Please note the following: Lifts from the old days are designated in pounds. Converting these to kilograms would lead to awkward figures like “123.81 kilos”; rather than round these off, which would misrepresent the weight actually credited to the lifter at the time, the lifts are simply stated as originally credited. Also, you will see some lifters named as “Junior National Champion” at ages in their mid-twenties. That is because if you’d never won a Senior National Championship, you could win the Junior title once; thereafter you would lift among the Senior ranks. ACWLA=American Continental Weight Lifting Association. Unless otherwise indicated, the information here comes primarily from the material submitted for the original nomination process. Again, corrections/additions are welcome from authoritative sources.

Following is the complete roll of membership in the New England Weightlifting Hall of Fame:

Year InductedName of InducteeCategory
Bob BednarskiAthletes
Mark Cameron
Joe Mills
Joe MillsCoaches
Denis Reno
Armand TurgeonAdministrator
Dave AshmanAthletes
Roland Beaulieu
Armand LaMarrCoach
John ColemanAdministrator
Curtis CardineAthlete
Harold BaileyCoach
David LussierAdministrator
Roger DeryAthletes
Vincent Fee
Edward O. Goyette
Nate Harris
Lucien LaPlante
Raymond E. Racine
Romeo BergeronAdministrators
Bill Raymond
George MassiosAthletes
John J. Morley
Ralph W. Raymond
Nick Vernucci
Norman Newhall Coach
Alton EliasonAdministrators
Ernie Hackwood
James DeCosteAthletes
Gerry Ferrelli
Daniel BiernackiAdministrators
James W. Webster
Frank GancarzAdministrators
David BruzziAthlete
Chris PolakowskiCoach
Barbara BoyerAthlete
Robert Sweeney Sr.Significant Contributor




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