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Posted July 15, 2017 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster

Sorry I’ve been absent a while; been doing some home improvement stuff.


The Olympic Weightlifting component of the Bay State Games will take place Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23, 2017 at the Clark Athletic Center on UMass-Boston campus. Weigh-Ins are scheduled to start at 8 AM, and lifting at 10 AM, each day. (See BSG website for all details.) As far as I can make out, online Registration is still open. Denis Reno is again Meet Director (see below!). Entrants who are members of New England LWC (paid-up members of USAW, of course) are automatically also entered in the New England LWC Championships, incorporated into the event. Whether you are competing in this event or not, please consider volunteering to help keep things running smoothly. We hard-core volunteers will be there because we love our sport, but we’d prefer to not be there until late in the day if that can be avoided! Loaders are an extremely important element of any competition. Believe it or not, it ain’t “rocket science”! You just need to know which plates it takes to constitute the desired weight on the bar, and be willing to focus on the task (i.e. not be texting on your phone constantly!). Please email your availability as a volunteer and in what area you can contribute to success of the event to:


The USAW National Youth (ages 17 and under) Championships were contested in Atlanta, GA in late June. Courtney Burke (Don Venterosa’s Team Norwood, MA) took 5th Place in Girls’ 69 Kilos Class, Age Group 16/17 with her Total of 150 kgs. And Jadalis Gomez (Iron Rx Barbell, MA), age 16, came in 14th in 53 Kilos Class with her Total of 108. Congratulations!! It’s quite possible I missed some NE competitors, since Team affiliations are abbreviated in Official Results reporting. If this is so, please email me details of what I missed:


I only learned in June that Vivian Dawson had succumbed to cancer earlier this year. Vivian always approached the barbell with great energy and enthusiasm. She still holds the New England LWC Women’s Masters Record Clean & Jerk of 82 kgs. in 90+ Kilos Bodyweight Class, Age Group 45-49. Vivian set this mark in August of 2014, a few months before her membership transferred to the newly-formed Connecticut LWC. A competition dedicated to Ms. Dawson’s memory is to be held October 1, 2017 in South Windsor, CT. Online registration is expected to be available after August 7 via CT Weightlifting site (link at end of this section). If the timing of our NELWC competitions isn’t right for you, you might want to check the schedule of events in Connecticut, which happen pretty frequently.  Link to website  HERE


Mr. Denis Reno seeks a replacement for himself as Meet Director of the Olympic WL component of Bay State Summer Games starting in 2018. Unthinkable, right?!? Well, it’s the reality, folks. Denis has served as Meet Director and Speaker for this event since BSG organizers were persuaded to admit our sport to their program, and the participation in the event has been quite enthusiastic over the years. Qualified candidates would need to be personally well-organized, know the rules of our sport very well, and of course be able to commit the time and energy to prepare for and oversee a two-day competition in Boston area. Denis is accustomed to serve as Speaker (a critically important Official of the competition, not merely a Master of Ceremonies!), but by no means is this required of the Meet Director! In the latest issue of his Weightlifter’s Newsletter, Denis states he’s actually been seeking a successor for a few years now, to no avail. My personal concern (and here begins the editorial aspect of this section) is that if the WL component vanishes from BSG because no one steps up to handle these responsibilities, it will be difficult to “re-boot” enthusiasm. When stationary inertia sets in, folks, we’ve got a problem! I believe an experienced Meet Director, which usually means a Club President/Head Coach, will be the ideal candidate. The BSG organizers provide technical and other assistance to all the sports in the Games, and the advent of online registration has reduced the amount of actual paperwork involved in running the show. Please don’t be intimidated by what’s involved. If you think you might be a candidate to take over this position, it would be ideal for you to attend this year’s competition, July 22 and 23, and closely observe how things run. Mr. Reno would be thrilled, I’m sure, to hear from you:  As Denis concluded his announcement in his Newsletter just out: “Now is your chance to be a VIP in New England Weightlifting….[B]ecome happy, famous and loved by all!” Now how you gonna beat a deal like that, I ask you??

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