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Shocking news: MORE RECORDS FALL!

Posted June 9, 2016 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster/Records Keeper

New England LWC Records were broken at the RWL Memorial Day Open in Franklin, Massachusetts (Meet Director: Dr. Ellyn Robinson) on May 28, 2016. Emily McNally (Risto Sports, Maine) broke two Youth Age (Ages 16/17, 63 Kilos Bodyweight Class) marks originally set the year before she was born, by Olympian and New England WL Hall of Fame member Carissa Gordon Gump, no less! The 16-year-old had a successful Snatch of 68 kgs. By tying Carissa’s 85 kgs. Clean & Jerk, Emily achieved a Total of 153, also a new NE Record!! Way to go, kid! These weren’t the only Youth Records set, though. Sarah Sirois (North Shore WL, MA), also in Age Group 16/17 and lifting in 53 Kilos Class, now owns all the marks with Snatch–62 kgs., C&J–76 kgs., Total–138 kgs. On the guys’ side, Christopher Haverty (Wachusetts, MA), also Age Group 16/17 (gee, that must be a good age to be!), competing in 69 Kilos Class, now has possession of all those Records. He put up Snatch–77 kgs., C&J–100 kgs., Total–177 kgs. Very nice lifting!

Would a New England meet be a New England meet without some Masters Lifters breaking records? Heck no! AmyLynne Frankel (Risto) just keeps improving. This time, in youngest Masters category, she upped her own Record for Snatch to 53 kgs., which exceeds her bodyweight in 48 Kilos Class. Heather Donnelly (CrossFit Newton, MA), also Age Group 35-39, improved the marks for 58 Kilos Class all around. Snatch–55 kgs., Clean & Jerk–74 kgs., Total–129 kgs. Mena Miosotis (Boston Barbell, MA) continues to be very impressive in Age Group 40-44/69 Kilos Class. The new Records are Snatch–79 kgs., C&J–82 kgs. and Total–161 kgs. And Leon Pelletier (Thor’s Stone, New Hampshire) improved two of his own marks in Age Group 75-79/77 Kilos Class. Those would be 53 kgs. in the Snatch and 114 for Total. Congrats to all these amazing New England Masters Lifters!!

NOTE:  Complete Results of May 28 contest are available via RWL Weightlifting website. Click   HERE   to get there.

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