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The recently concluded New England Masters Championships and Senior Championships events saw a new round of record-setting by New England lifters. Unless an announcement to the contrary appears, these events will be held separately in the future to keep the number of entrants to each at a manageable level. Additionally, watch for an announcement of Qualifying Totals that will be required to enter the Senior (which incorporates Junior lifters as well) New England Championships starting 2014.


The Masters event was held September 15, 2013 at CrossFit Revelation in Enfield, CT, owned by Team Connecticut member Andrew Romeo. Eight women and 13 men turned out for this contest. Following are new New England Records set at this competition: For Women, in Age Group 35-39, 48 Kilos Bodyweight Class, Riky Czaplewski (Unattached) succeeded with Snatch: 33 kilos; Clean & Jerk: 41 kilos; Total: 74 kilos.  In Age Group 40-44, Melissa Gagnon (Unattached), lifting in 75+ Kilos, had successes with Snatch: 50 kilos; C&J: 67 kilos; Total: 117 kilos, all supplanting the existing Records. In Age Group 45-49, 63 Kilos Class, Kim Van Munching (Unattached) now owns the Clean & Jerk Record with 52 kilos. In Age Group 65-69, 53 Kilos Class, Jane Higgins (Thor’s Stone, New Hampshire) put up Snatch: 28 kilos; C&J: 38 kilos; Total: 66 kilos.  In the Men’s Division, 35-39 Age Group, 56 Kilos Class, Aaron Kanter (Reno’s WL Club, Massachusetts) hoisted Snatch: 58 kilos; C&J: 78 kilos; Total: 136 kilos. These records had been vacant due to the paucity of lightweight male weightlifters. Congrats to all concerned!


The New England Senior/Junior Championships were held September 21, 2013 in the huge Repertoire Fitness facility in Danvers, MA, with 23 women and 24      men turning out. Some Masters lifters competed here though there were no awards specifically for such athletes. In the Women’s Division, all new records were established in previously vacant 48 Kilos Class in two Age Groups. In Age Group 50-54, Margaret Franklin (Unattached) had lifts of Snatch: 34 kilos; C&J: 44 kilos; Total: 78 kilos. In Age Group 55-59 Elaine Audy (Northern Power, Vermont) put overhead Snatch: 29 kilos; C&J: 36 kilos; Total: 65 kilos.  In the Senior Division (ages 21 through 34), Carly Mauch (Team Robinson WL, Massachusetts) exceeded her own New England Records in 75+ Kilos Class with Snatch: 84 kilos; C&J: 116 kilos; Total: 200 kilos. Congratulations to these three women lifters and all who were crowned New England Champions that day!  

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