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Posted July 31, 2016 by Greg Laxer, NELWC Webmaster/Records Keeper

BAY STATE GAMES  July 23-24, 2016   The Weightlifting component of the Games, held at UMass-Boston (technically in Dorchester, I believe) Campus, was again very successful (Meet Director: Denis Reno). Several New England LWC Records were set. USAW Membership is not required for participation and this year residents of New York State were allowed to enter (apparently the Empire State Games are no longer being held). Only up to date USAW Members are eligible to set New England Records. More on this in a moment. Starting with the youngest, as usual, let’s see who broke records. Emily McNally (Risto Sports, ME), in Age Group 16/17, 63 Kilos Class upped the standard in Snatch to 70 kgs. Jennyfer Roberts (NorthShore)  was at it again in the Senior ranks, this time dropping down a Weight Class to seize a Snatch record formerly held by Olympian Carissa Gordon. The new mark in 58 Kilos Class is 84 kgs. Jen’s Total of 184 fell only one kilogram shy of equaling Carissa’s! Great job, Jennyfer! The amazing Amylynne Frankel (Risto) bumped up her record in Clean & Jerk to 74 kgs. Amylynne is a Masters lifter now at age 35, competing in 48 Kilos Class, the lightest for adult women. This lift also entitles her to hold the Senior or Open (ages 21 thru 34) record in her Bodyweight Class. Huge congrats!! And we have a new holder of all the marks in Age Group 35-39, 53 Kilos Class in Amal Ting (NorthShore WL, MA). Congrats on your achievements of Snatch–41 kgs., C&J–58 kgs., Total–99 kgs.! Not to be outdone in that youngest Masters category, Ms. Allie Thorpe (Easthampton Barbell, MA) now owns all the marks in 75+ Kilos Class: Snatch–68 kgs., Clean & Jerk–85 kgs., Total–153 kgs. Way to go, Allie! In Age Group 50-54, 69 Kilos Class Miriam Smith (Teamworks Sports Performance, MA) increased two marks via her Clean & Jerk of 48 kgs. and Total of 81 kgs. These records were formerly held by New Hampshire’s Annette Dawson (NorthShore), who helped referee BSG this year. But Annette didn’t “merely” ref this year, she broke all the New England Records in Age Group 65-69, 75+ Kilos Class formerly held by the venerable Elsa Dahl of Vermont! Excellent lifting indeed from the women this year…and what else would we expect?

On the male side we had a bit of an age range and a tale of what might have been. In Age Group 13 & Under, Anthony Gianoulis  (NorthShore) is now credited with all the marks in 69 Kilos Class. Here’s the math: Snatch–53 kgs., C&J–64 kgs., Total–117 kgs. Keep up the good work, Anthony! Aiden Rego (listed as Unattached) grabbed all the marks in 94 Kilos Class, Age Group 14/15 with Snatch–55 kgs., Clean & Jerk–70 kgs., Total–125 kgs. Way to go, Aiden! Eric Kupperstein (Unattached) continues his record-breaking ways in Masters ranks. Newly arrived in Age Group 50-54, Eric moved the Clean & Jerk mark up to 78 kgs. in 62 Kilos Class. Keep it up, young man! The Records in this Bodyweight Class are vacant in the very oldest Age Groups (though the “obstacle” named Denis Reno will have to be removed along the way!). And finally, the tale of what might have been. Thomas Ackerman put up marks in the 77 Kilos Class, Age Group 60-64 that surpassed the New England Records held by the legendary Armand Turgeon! However, we have no indication that Thomas is a USAW Member (and if he came from New York to compete, that also would void any chance for records, of course). Well, there’s always next year, right, Red Sox fans!?!

NEW ENGLAND LWC AWARDS BANQUET   Due to illness of Dave Lussier, Head Coach of NorthShore WL, who singlehandedly organizes the Hall of Fame/Awards Banquet, the event had to be rescheduled from May to October 1, 2016. It will be held as originally scheduled at the Sheraton Monarch Hotel in downtown Springfield, MA. Additional details will be provided when Dave gets them together. I was reading in an old issue of Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter that this event used to attract close to 100 people! It was discontinued for a while until Dave revived the tradition a few years ago. The food always gets rave reviews (well, you know, food and weightlifters are pretty inseparable!) so you really should consider spending the money and heading to Springfield. There are no Hall of Fame inductees this year but Dave will have Certificates of Achievement for New England Records breakers and Certificates of Appreciation for our tireless volunteers.

MAJOR NEWS ON NEW ENGLAND RECORDS   Your humble writer recently went thru back issues of Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter c. 1990-2008 (courtesy of a “private collector”) and ferreted out some very interesting info, especially regarding Youth Records that deserve to be honored. I will finally (eventually!) get these Records up on this website so people know what they need to aim for to surpass them. I will explain my methodology in researching all this when I post them to the site. Stay tuned for additional news!

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