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Posted on October 18, 2015 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster/Records Keeper

Good grief, where to begin?!? The Records just keep falling, rather like autumn leaves, for New England lifters. Also, we have a new World Masters Champion in our midst–Jessica Weisman (of Maine’s Risto Sports) won the 69 Kilos Class in Finland at the World Masters WL Championships in September! (As usual, I am indebted to Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter for printing these meet results.) Jessica totaled 166 kgs. at that event. Had I known of this achievement the weekend of the New England LWC WL Championships I would have congratulated Ms. Weisman in person. I must also note that Kathleen ‘Kat’ O’Neill (RWL, but competing on behalf of Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts) got the Silver Medal for 63 Kilos Class at the USAW University National Championships in Utah in late September. Her Total was 178 kgs. Big congratulations to these great New England competitors!!

The New England Championships were combined with the Ginny Robinson Memorial annual event and contested in Franklin, MA on October 10 and 11, 2015. Dr. Ellyn Robinson, NELWC President, served as Meet Director. Starting with the youngest and lightest athletes and working our way up, let’s look at the new New England Records. Grace Acton (Team Sports Performance, Acton, MA) fills the vacant spots for Age Group 14/15, 48 Kilos Class with Snatch–33 kgs.; Clean & Jerk–46 kgs.; Total–79 kgs. In same Age Group, 53 Kilos Class, Jada Gomez (RWL, MA) upped the Snatch mark to 44 kgs. Also a 53 Kilos lifter but in Age Group 16/17, Sarah Sirois (North Shore CrossFit, MA) set NE Records of S–57 kgs.; C&J–69 kgs.; Total–126 kgs. Sam Wong-Rapuano (RWL) had to shoulder the burden of representing the guys and he delivered the goods. In his last year to lift in Youth Age (16/17) category, in 77 Kilos Class Sam put up a Snatch of 92 kgs. and a Clean & Jerk of 115 kgs. for Total of 207 kgs. These are all new NE Records. I ferreted out one Junior (ages 18 thru 20) Record: Katie White (Rumbler, New Hampshire) now has the Clean & Jerk Record at 93 kgs. in the 75+ Kilos Class.

Continuing with the results from the Ginny Robinson/NELWC Championships, in the Senior ranks we find Amylynne Frankel (Risto, ME) increasing her own C&J mark to 73 kgs. (missed an attempt at 75) in 48 Kilos (the lightest) Class. Some other Senior Women–don’t let the category name confuse you, it’s ages 21 thru 34!–came close to their NE LWC Records but could not exceed them. Among Women Masters (ages 35 thru Infinity), newly crowned World Champion Jessica Weisman improved her C&J and Total Records for 69 Kilos Class to 90 (missing a try at 92) and 165 kgs. respectively. Kristin Garvin (unattached, MA) upped the Clean & Jerk mark to 63 kgs. in Age Group 40-44, 53 Kilos Class. In same Age Group but 75 Kilos Class, Miosotis Mena (Beantown Barbell, MA) captured all the Records via S–73 kgs.; C&J–83 kgs.; Total–156 kgs. This was a demolition job on the previous Records, with the Total boosted 30 kgs.!! Impressive lifting! Cynthia (Cici) Fougere (BBC, MA), competing in 63 Kilos Class, Age Group 45-49 claimed the Record for Clean & Jerk with 65 kgs. Last but far from least among the Women Masters, Elsa Dahl (Northern Power, Vermont) added to her own C&J Record in Age Group 80-84 (yes!) at 27 kgs., which yielded a Total that’s also a NE Record in that 75+ Kilos Class. Since National Masters Records can unfortunately no longer be set at local contests, Elsa has to “settle for” the New England marks. We’re not aware of anyone breathing down her neck to threaten these Records. But wait! Were there no male Masters lifters on hand capable of breaking records? Why, yes. Stephen Condon (RWL), Age Group 65-69, lifted one Bodyweight Class heavier than usual, being rewarded with a new Snatch Record 65 kgs. and Total Record of 146 kgs. in 85 Kilos Class. There is special significance in these accomplishments, since these marks were previously held by New England living legends Armand Turgeon and Joe Maillet respectively! Way to go, Stephen!!

Meanwhile, in Bethel, Connecticut (the Nutmeg Open) on October 11, Nicole Patruno (Team BFS, Rhode Island) set a NE LWC Record 87 kgs. Clean & Jerk as a Junior lifter in 75 Kilos Class. Congrats, Nicole!…And, finally, the Disclaimer: all Records are subject to revision as I acquire new information. If you think I’ve overlooked something, you may email me directly at:

                                                                                         *                    *                    *                    *                     *          

Finally–and again, I am grateful to Denis Reno for this info from his latest newsletter–Yasha Kahn, an outstanding lifter in our 94 and 105 Kilos Classes in New England now focusing on coaching, has launched his own blog site. Looks like Yasha will touch on numerous topics relating to our great sport, directly or indirectly. The site is located at:

                                                                                             *                    *                    *                    *                    *

A NOTE ON RESULTS: Due to formatting issues, I am unable to post the Final Results of the Ginny Robinson/NELWC Championships meet on this site. The Results of the Championships are on USAW’s website (search for Sanction Number 02-15-02) but I don’t see the Ginny Results there (as usual, some folks were entered in both contests, some only in one or the other). I am told that all Results can be found at the Facebook page of RWL Weightlifting.

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