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Posted September 17, 2017 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster

American Open Series Event Number 2

The 2017 American Open Event Number 2 was held in Miami, Florida at end of July. Beantown Barbell made a wholesale invasion of The Sunshine State. Starting with Masters Lifters, that ubiquitous species in New England, in Women’s Division we find Kari Borroel (unless specified otherwise, all athletes in this section lifted for Beantown) earning Bronze Medal in Age Group 40-44/+90 Kilos Class with her Total of 111 kgs. In Age Group 35-39/58 Kilos Class, Heather Donnelly (listed as Unattached) took 4th Place with a Total of 122 kgs. Rebecca Schaufus secured 4th Place in Age Group 35-39/69 Kilos Class. Allie Thorpe (East Hampton Barbell, MA) is Gold Medalist in Age Group 35-39/+90 Kilos Class, putting a Total on the display board of 158 kgs. Note that Elaine Audy won Age Group 60-64/48 Kilos Class, but…Elaine is no longer a New Englander, competing for Vero Beach (Florida). I am happy to report that, according to her former coach in Vermont, Jackie Brown, Elaine got through Hurricane Irma intact. Among Masters Men, Joseph DeRosa was the victor in Age Group 50-54/77 Kilos Class, totaling 172 kgs.

Let’s look at Open (Senior) Women’s Results. In 53 Kilos Class, Amy Richardson missed the Bronze by just a kilogram, with her Total of 154 kgs. Lauryn Ginsburg hoisted a Total of 163 kgs. in 69 Kilos, landing her in 13th slot overall. In the Men’s Open battles, in 69 Kilos Class, Jonathan Williams came in 23rd with his Total of 192 kgs. Two places down from there, Eric Siegel (Robinson, MA) achieved a Total of 187 kgs. Also helping break up Beantown’s attempted monopoly were the following three lifters representing The People’s Republic of the Dojo (MA): in 77 Kilos Class, Erik Fagnant came in 10th with his Total of 234 kgs. and Christopher Haverty took 13th by way of a 227 kgs. Total. One Weight Class up, in 85s, Patrick Li came in 25th with Total of 234. Back to Beantown Barbell, Seth Jubinville got 41st by dint of a Total of 215 kgs. Wrestling the spotlight back again for The Dojo crowd, Austin McDonald’s Total of 245 kgs. brought him 14th Place in 105 Kilos Class. And, finally, East Hampton BB’s Tony Blanksteen achieved 6th Place in the +105 Kilos Class.

State Games of America

An Olympic Lifting component was contested at the State Games of America event, staged in Grand Rapids, Michigan in early August. Any medalist from a state competition in the nation was entitled to compete. Apparently very few folks from outside Michigan bothered to attend, but New England Youth athletes provided three exceptions. Shiloh Ellis, sort of tipping the scales at a bodyweight of 37-odd kilograms, was Gold Medalist among the youngest and lightest, with a Total of 65 kgs. In 85 Kilos Class, Alec Rego was awarded Silver with a Total of 94 kgs. while Aiden Rego likewise was Silver Medalist in +94 Kilos Class, achieving a Total of 153 kgs. Congratulations, guys, and it was certainly a “road trip” worth taking.

Connecticut Open

Keeping things chronological, let’s look at some New England LWC members who competed in the Connecticut Open, held August 6 in Stamford, CT. Nicole Patruno (Team BFS, RI) won the 63 Kilos Open Class with a Total of 144 kgs. Right behind was Providence BB’s Jennifer Benoit, posting 108 kgs. Total. Mia Edgar (also Providence) took Silver in 69 Kilos with her Total of 164 kgs. Sophie Kauderer—if you guessed Providence, go to the head of the class!—achieved a Total of 120 for 6th in same Class, and her teammate Charice Lim took the slot three places farther back with 88 kgs. A squeaker of a contest in 75 Kilos found Providence’s Sydney Collins and Stephanie Edwards separated by one kilogram, with Sydney leading the way with a Total of 131 kgs. In the 90 Kilos Class, Providence’s Jessica Carlson took 2nd Place with her Total of 143 kgs. Among Women Masters, Diane Steeves (Robinson) was tops in Age Group 50-54/69 Kilos, totaling 77 kgs. And Providence’s Amy Juker won Age Group 40-44 in 63 Kilos Class with 84 kgs. On the Men’s side of the competition, William Le of Providence BB, a Junior lifter at age 20, was the lightest competitor, being in 69 Kilos Class. He posted a Total of 170 kgs.

American Open Series Event Number 3

The American Open Series Event Number 3, contested in Grand Rapids September 8 to 10, found itself invaded primarily by Teams Robinson, Providence Barbell and Rumbler (New Hampshire). Working up from the Youth, we find 17-year-old Courtney Burke (Team Norwood, MA) picking up Gold in 69 Kilos Class with her Total of 152 kgs. In Open Men’s competition, three New Englanders appear in results for 69 Kilos Class: Eric Siegel (Robinson) in 12th Place with Total of 189 kgs.; Peter Lee (also Robinson) in 15th with Total of 182 kgs.; and William Le (Providence) placing 18th with 171 kgs. In 94 Kilos Class, Noel Chambers (Providence) achieved a Total of 248 kgs. for 26th Place and, unfortunately, Rumbler’s Tyler Schade was unable to post a Total in same class.

In the Women’s Open Division, we find Brianna (Dandurant) McLaughlin [a.k.a. ‘Stink Eye,’ among numerous other alternative handles] (Robinson) hoisting 140 kgs, for 7th Place in 53 Kilos Class; and Stephanie Jefferson (Rumbler) achieving a Total of 121 kgs. to place 25th in the 58 Kilos Class. Also in 58s, it is noteworthy that Jennyfer Roberts (Norwood) won the Clean & Jerk segment with 110 kgs., ten kilograms beyond anyone else, but was unable to post a Snatch and so had no Total. Jen should be more than consoled, though, with the knowledge she exceeded by 5 kgs. the previous New England Record of Olympian Carissa (Gordon) Gump! Ms. Roberts now holds all the marks in this Class. Way to go, Jen! Moving on to 69 Kilos Class, we find Allyson Daniels (Rumbler) coming in 30th with a Total of 138 kgs. and Sophie Kauderer (Providence BB) 45th with 113 kgs. A few competitors in that Class, eh? Lauryn Nutter and Jessica Carlson, both of Providence, placed respectively 12th (164 kgs.) in 75 Kilos Class and 15th (152 kgs.) in 90 Kilos Class. Last but not least, Olivia Smith of Team Robinson put up a Total of 141 kgs. to gain 5th Place in +90 Kilos Class.

Let’s take a look at New England Masters athletes in Grand Rapids. In Women’s Division, starting with youngest (Age Group 35-39), Giselle Araujo (Robinson) won 63 Kilos Class with a Total of 158 kgs. Jamie Pica (Rumbler) came in 5th in same Age Group/Weight Class with her Total of 112 kgs. Bianca Gallagher (Providence BB) grabbed 4th Place in 69 Kilos Class with 114 kgs. Jessica Cummings (Robinson) took 3rd Place in 75 Kilos Class with her Total of 133 kgs. And Rumbler’s Sarah Owens was Silver Medalist in +90 Kilos by dint of her 111 kgs. Total. In the 40-44 year-old crowd, Amy Juker (Providence BB) claimed Bronze in 63 Kilos Class with Total of 85 kgs. and Team Robinson presented another Gold Medalist in the person of Carrie Conaway in +90 Kilos Class with her Total of 95 kgs. A Total of 86 kgs. gave a Silver Medal to Jody Waring (Robinson) in Age Group 45-49, 63 Kilos Class. Wrapping the Masters Women in a neat bow is Diane Steeves (Robinson again), bringing home Silver with her Total of 68 kgs.

Where there are women, rumor has it, men will follow. American Open Event 3 was no exception, so among Masters Men we have in youngest Age component (35-39) two lifters from Providence BB going at it in 69 Kilos Class. Daniel Nagelhout, Jr. won himself the Bronze Medal with a Total of 162 kgs.; Michael Cook, unfortunately, was unable to post a Total. Also among these young kids, Philip Manseau (Rumbler) won Silver in +105 Kilos Class with 232 kgs. In Age Group 45-49/94 Kilos Class, James Needham claimed Silver for Providence BB with 210 kgs. And here come two more Gold Medalists for Robinson, Jim Lambert in Age Group 50-54/69 Kilos Class (Total 135 kgs.) and Frank Ryan in 60-64/77 Kilos Class with a Total of 96 kgs. Congratulations to all our New England Masters competitors!

If I missed, or misstated, anyone’s performance, please email me at

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