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New England LWC Championships Recap

New England LWC Championships Recap

First I want to thank the NSCF community.  We have an amazing community of athletes.  Without our community working together as a team we would never be able to put together events as big as this one.

A special thanks to all our volunteers at the meet both NSCF members and USAW officials.  The loaders, time keepers, referees, announcer, score keeper and behind the scenes crew.  The sport is run by volunteers!  Thank you to the vendors for great food and product.  Thank you to the Picardy girls for running the snack bar.  Now to the team.  We had 21 athletes compete at the competition and many more training alongside them.  I want to thank them for all their hard work and  dedication to the team.  It has been a vision of mine for many years and to see it thriving is exciting and rewarding to me.  The teams training cycle was 12 weeks long and very, very hard.  I don’t think I am alone in being very happy to finally get on those platforms.  As a team we had huge gains in technique and strength.  We have all the numbers and will have them posted up next week.  I think everyone will be quite impressed by the gains our team made.  The next training cycle starts the week after Christmas.  Some will continue on the platforms getting ready for meets in the beginning of 2012.  Next up for most of us is the CrossFit Open Competition that starts in February.  Get ready, the fun starts on Monday!

I want to thank Coach Lussier for all the time, knowledge and extra personal attention he gave to every person on our team.  He watched every lift for every athlete for 12 weeks.  His knowledge of weightlifting is impressive.  I am grateful and a little lucky to be able to have Coach in our building.  He has a unique ability to not care if you are tired, sore, hurt, have torn up hands, went out drinking the night before, dropped a bar on your head or think you have had enough for the day.  At one point I actually quit training 5 times in one session.  Somehow I managed to finish in 3 short hours.  He waits for you to finish explaining your nonsense and has you pick the bar back up and get to work.   Every person was prepared to do their best on Sunday and they did not let Coach down.  Thank you Coach Lussier and welcome to the North Shore CrossFit family!

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