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by Greg Laxer, Webmaster/Records Keeper…posted December 17, 2014 (HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ONE AND ALL!!)

Looking over the Official Results of the USAW American Open competition held in the nation’s capital December 12-14, 2014 we find that some current (and former) New England lifters fared quite well, but also there seems to be a theme of “it coulda been better!”. [This is my own analysis, based on the paper results. I was not able to attend the event. Doubtless the next issue of Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter will have extensive coverage.]

Among the WOMEN, Lynette Olmeda (formerly CT resident, now in Florida) came in 10th in the 48 Kilos Class with a Total of 118 kilos. That Total exceeded her New England Record by six kilos. Amylynne Frankel (Risto Sports, Maine) took 16th Place (Total: 112 kilos). Meanwhile, Ashley Baron (Ocean State Barbell, Rhode Island) snagged 18th place with a Total of 104 kilos. Most spectacularly, kilo for kilo, eleven-year-old Gwen Rojas (Risto Sports) came in 20th in same Class, with a Total of 98 kilos. Her Snatch of 46 kilos is a new NE Junior Record, but she missed a Clean & Jerk of 57 which would also have surpassed her own NE Record. I’m guessing Gwen is the youngest female New Englander to have competed in the American Open. Outstanding!…Moving up a Weight Class, Amy Richardson (Livefree WL, New Hampshire) achieved the highest finish for a New Englander by gaining 5th place in 53 Kilos with her Total of 160. Her Snatch of 70 kilos on her first attempt is a NE Record, but unfortunately she couldn’t go higher, so she didn’t improve on her NE Total Record. Congrats, Amy!! Also in 53 Kilos, unfortunately Snow Powers (North Shore WL) and Lindsey Stroker (formerly of NELWC) were unable to achieve good Snatch attempts, failing to total…Coming in 7th in 63 Kilos Class was Robinson WL’s Kathleen (‘Kat’) O’Neill. ‘Kat’ had a Total of 172 kilos, but had she equaled her recent C&J of 100 kilos (achieved at a bodyweight only slightly in excess of 63 kilos) she would have moved up two places in the final standing…In 69 Kilos Class, Gwen Sisto (Risto Sports) apparently withdrew from competition after the Snatch phase, thus not totaling…In 75 Kilos Class, Jeanee Gonet (North Shore CrossFit) came in 13th with a Total of 171 kilos. I suspect this is a Personal Best. Congratulations to all these women competitors from New England!

For New England MEN, Timothy Blair (Livefree WL) grabbed 6th Place in 62 Kilos Class with a Total of 205 kilos. In another case of “if only,” had Tim succeeded beyond his first C&J at 100 kilos he might have contended for Bronze Medal. Congrats, Tim, on your fine finish!…In 69 Kilos, another Livefree competitor, Steven Brown, came in 11th with a Total of 239 kilos. Way to go, Steven! In 14th Place in this Class, Ernie Prempeh (Risto Sports) had a Total of 230 kilos. [Noted in passing: 3rd Place went to New Jersey’s Pete Musa, who has competed frequently in New England meets over the years.]…Moving up a Weight Class, Jonas Westbrook (Reno’s WL, Massachusetts) came in 15th in 77 Kilos with a Total of 254. A success with his attempted 146 kilo C&J would have bumped Jonas up a couple of positions, but it was not to be. Good lifting, Jonas!…Clemson ‘Hunter’ Forte, formerly based in Vermont but now with East Coast Gold club, came in 5th in 85 Kilos Class with his Total of 296…In 94 Kilos Class, Thomas Sullivan (Team CT, now in CT LWC), veteran of many New England competitions, got 9th Place. His Total was 288 kilos. Had he succeeded with his C&J attempt of 166, he would have finished several slots higher (and, he was second-lightest in that Class). Good work, Tom! Also in 94s, unfortunately Gunnar Mattson of Rumbler WL (NH) missed all his Snatch attempts for no Total…Up in 105 Kilos Class Kenly Pena (unattached, resides in MA I believe) finished 14th. Kenly made one good attempt in each of the lifts, costing him chance for a higher placing. A very strong young man with a lot of potential! Again, congrats to all these lifters!

FOR COMPLETE AMERICAN OPEN RESULTS (as posted on USAW website; NELWC not responsible for any errors), CLICK HERE:    AO Final Results

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