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New England Records fell again at the GymCore CrossFit Invitational Qualifier held at Topsfield, Massachusetts on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Snow Powers (North Shore Weightlifters) weighed in at 53.9 kilos, putting her in 58 Kilos Class, one step up from her accustomed Weight Class. Her Clean & Jerk of 88 kilos eclipsed the previous mark of 87.5 kilos set by Olympian Carissa Gordon-Gump in late 1990s. Congratulations, Snow! Maybe you should spend a little more time in that Class and grab the other records?

Meanwhile, in 63 Kilos Class, 22-year-old newcomer Danielle Resha (from Rhode Island) set an “absolute” New England Record of 100 kilos in the Clean & Jerk. Her Total of 166 kilos is recognized as a “provisional” New England Record, as well. (“Provisional” because a mark of 177 kilos Total by Gwen Sisto back in September 2013 has not yet been officially recognized due to questions about her affiliation status. This matter hopefully will be cleared up soon.) Congratulations, Danielle! We will be following your progress with great interest.

–GREG LAXER, Volunteer New England Recordkeeper


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