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I have learned from USAW CEO Phil Andrews that the National Office doesn’t have “the machinery” quite in place yet to respond to requests for transferring LWC Membership. I guess we’ll have to “jog in place” for a while on this. If it’s a matter of changing Club membership, I urge you to proceed with that without delay. When I get an “all systems go” notice from National Office I will post the news here. Thanks for your understanding.

Posted July 16, 2017 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster

I just confirmed via USAW website that the USAW By-Laws updates were approved at the meeting held June 24 in conjunction with the Youth National Championships in Atlanta, and became effective as of June 26, 2017. Please read the following By-Laws excerpts carefully (emphasis added by me):

Section 5.9. Local Weightlifting Committees (“LWCs”)

  1. The LWC structure shall duplicate the organization’s structure as closely as possible. LWCs manage and promote weightlifting activities at the local level throughout their LWC and are funded as set forth by USAW. Membership in the LWC shall be open to all individuals and clubs registering with USAW. Unattached athletes are members of the LWC in which they reside. Clubs are members of the LWC in which their primary location zip code is located. Athlete members are members of the LWC in which they reside, however as an alternative such members may choose to be a member of the LWC in which their club zip code is located, provided such member provides notice of this election to USAW and vote in.

c. Representation. The following are rules concerning representation.

  1. To transfer to another club, the athlete must serve four (4) months in unattached status or obtain permission from both clubs, and LWCs, involved.
  2. A change of bona fide residence shall allow the athlete to change to the new LWC at once.
    (A) Exception to this is if the athlete chooses to continue to represent the club which he/she is registered in his/her former LWC.
  3. A student at a bona fide educational institution may transfer his/her registration to a club or unattached in the LWC where he/she is attending school at once.
    [end excerpts]

Though it’s not spelled out precisely, I believe the procedure to transfer to LWC Membership where one’s Club is located would be to email USAW, President of current LWC, and President of LWC into which you wish to transfer and inform them of your desire. Be sure to state the name and location of the Club to which you belong, or the educational institution at which you are registered. According to the latest Membership Update on USAW website, someone on National Office staff will soon be appointed to specialize in servicing the membership on such issues.

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