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By Greg Laxer, New England LWC Registration Chair (outgoing)/NELWC  Webmaster

posted September 27, 2014

State of Connecticut is in the process of becoming an independent LWC, after which New England LWC will consist of: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Dr. Ellyn Robinson is already acting as President of New England LWC (hereafter, NELWC), having stepped up from Vice President office as Gary Valentine transitions to being President of the new CT LWC. Other Officers for the new LWC will be announced in due time.

The genesis of this change lies precisely in the fact that there has been a great growth in the number of participants in Oly Weightlifting in New England in the past few years, with NELWC approaching 800 members (!). This is, of course, a wonderful thing for our sport, but Gary Valentine felt administration of the sport in the region was becoming cumbersome. (These are known as “growing pains.”) With membership of residents of CT approaching 200, Gary felt it was time to take the Nutmeg State independent. In the past, CT had in fact been an independent LWC, as had state of Maine until fairly recently. There being no objection to the proposal by his fellow elected Officers of NELWC, Valentine approached USAW for its blessing. The National Office polled members in CT and found no objection to the move. Lifters who belong to a USAW-registered Club based in Connecticut and those who compete Unattached and reside in CT will automatically become members of CT LWC. We are in a transitional period and it will take some time for USAW to issue new Membership cards reflecting the existence of CT LWC. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you reside in CT but lift for a USAW-registered Club based in another New England state, you will remain a member of New England LWC. In an email sent to CT USAW members, President Valentine wrote: “As in the proposal [to USAW], I will continue in CT as President, and recommend a Board from those who’ve been working on our meets and committees to handle our rapid growth and move ahead in an efficient organized manner.

“This will mean even more competitions here in CT, and especially setting Nov 23 competition at Trinity College, Hartford as our State Championships, so please plan on lifting and spreading the word for spectators! We want to establish State Champions and will have Masters awards for all weight AND age groups as at a National championship, Junior and Schoolage divisions, Team titles, and Outstanding Lifters awards! I will add a collegiate and high school division if we can get at least 3 schools involved. This will be the major showcase for weightlifters annually in Connecticut, please plan on being there!” Gary also called for volunteers to help in getting CT LWC up and running: “If you are interested in serving on a committee and/or helping out at a competition please contact me!” (   Tel.: 203-241-1413)

Because this is a transitional period, Dr. Robinson, acting as NELWC President, has kindly ruled that CT Club members and Unattached lifters who entered the NELWC Championships scheduled for Franklin, MA on October 11 and 12 (it is definite now that this will be a two-day event, along with the NELWC Masters Championships and the Ginny Robinson Memorial [Open] meet) may still compete for New England Championship trophies. (See Upcoming Events area of this website for online registration.) This change in governance will also produce a separate set of Records for the CT LWC. Details of the mechanism for determining who should hold these (taking past history of the sport in CT into account) will be determined going forward. Additionally, the new LWC will have its own website created. This writer has volunteered to continue to be Webmaster and Records Keeper for New England LWC. Members of the new LWC are likewise encouraged to continue to volunteer to serve as referees, loaders, etc. for competitions held in NELWC locales. Training for members to be certified as LWC Referees will continue to be offered in both LWCs.

Because this process of creating an independent LWC in Connecticut is still in flux, this writer delayed posting the news here to avoid giving misleading or confusing information. I take full personal responsibility for this decision. At this moment, we haven’t been given a specific date on which USAW will consider the changes complete and official.

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Finally, this news item: A competition for Saturday, December 6, 2014 in Danvers, MA has been added to the NELWC Calendar of meets. Meet Director Dave Picardy will host the event at his facility, North Shore CrossFit, 123 Liberty Street in Danvers. See Upcoming Events section of this site for online registration instructions.

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