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Posted October 15, 2017 by Greg Laxer, Webmaster/Records Keeper


I was saddened to learn, via the latest issue of Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter, that Armand Turgeon, Massachusetts resident, passed away in mid-September. Armand had been ailing for some time with cardiac problems, so those of you pretty new to our New England Olympic Weightlifting scene may have never had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. Until just a few years ago Armand continued to attend many, if not most, of our competitions, serving frequently as a Referee. In fact, he was still competing as recently as 2012.

Remarkably, Armand still holds the following New England Men’s Masters Records: Age Group 55-59, 77 Kilos Class–all records; Age Group 60-64, 77 Kilos Class–Snatch record; Age Group 60-64, 85 Kilos Class–all records; Age Group 70-74, 85 Kilos Class–all records; Age Group 75-79, 85 Kilos Class–all records; Age Group 80-84, 77 and 85 Kilos Classes–all records; Age Group 85-89, 77 Kilos Class–Clean & Jerk and Total records!! This will be a hard achievement to be topped in the future! Additionally, Armand held the New England Record for handstand press-ups! This exercise, not much spoken of nowadays, helped make Canadian Doug Hepburn one of the most powerful pressers of all time. Try it some time! [Your author not responsible for any injuries!] But above all, Armand was the most all-around kind and helpful person you could wish to meet. He will be sorely missed.



The Vivian Dawson Memorial Open WL Competition in South Windsor, CT on October 1 (Meet Director Gary Valentine) attracted something like 117 athletes (a single-day event)! The following members of New England LWC won their Weight Classes there: Women–48 Kilos, Madison Michaud (Westerly Barbell), Total of 93 kgs.; 75 Kilos, Angela Pryzmusik (People’s Republic of the Dojo), Total of 169 kgs.. For the Men: 56 Kilos, Phi Lam (Dojo), Total of 149 kgs.; 77 Kilos, 18-year-old Christopher Haverty (Dojo), Total of 240 kgs.; 94 Kilos, Jarred Smith (Providence WL), an impressive Total of 300 kgs.; 105+ Kilos, Dan Josloff (Westerly Barbell, R.I.), Total of 265 kgs. Congratulations one and all!!  ATTENTION ATHLETES, COACHES!: A lot of lifters at this event were listed as Unattached, with no state of residence indicated. If you think you or your athlete may have broken a New England Record, please email me at  As matters stand, I detected no NE Records broken in South Windsor.

It was a different story, Records-wise, at the 7th Annual Ginny Robinson Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Open in Franklin, MA on October 7 and 8 (Meet Director: Dr. Ellyn Robinson). In Age Group 35-39, Allie Thorpe (Easthampton Barbell, MA) surpassed her own Records in 90+ Kilos Class. The new marks are Snatch–69 kgs., Clean & Jerk–96 kgs., Total–165 kgs. In Age Group 45-49/69 Kilos Class, Jeannette Bender (Fulcrum BB, MA) improved her Records to 63 and 83, Total–146 kgs. And last but not least, in Age Group 50-54/90+ Kilos Class Pam Brooks (Bay State BB, MA) seized vacant Records with Snatch–52 kgs., C&J–70 kgs., Total–122 kgs. Congratulations to the new NE Record Holders and all who helped make “The Ginny” a success again this year!


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