BORN: 1920 (Woonsocket, RI)


Started training with Romeo Bergeron at Canadien Athletic Club, later coached by Michel Mathieu at Amicale-Franco-Belge Club. Competed as teenager in 126 and 132 lbs. Classes, graduated to Lightweight Class (148 lbs. bodyweight limit). In 1941 at Rhode Island State Championships he Pressed 220 lbs., Snatched 230 and Clean & Jerked 285, bodyweight 146 1/2 lbs. The C&J stood as New England Record for over 20 years. The 1942 Junior National Championships were held in Bristol, CT. Roger won Lightweight Class with Press: 210 lbs.; Snatch: 220; C&J: 275. This was second-highest Total for the three lifts to that point in history of the Junior Championships. Bob Hoffman recognized Roger’s talent in the June and July 1942 issues of STRENGTH & HEALTH magazine. Dery also competed at Senior Nationals that year, turning in these lifts: Press, 210 lbs.; Snatch, 220; C&J, 285. Narrowly missed attempt at 300 lbs. in C&J. This earned him Silver Medal (Lightweight), behind World and Olympic Champion Anthony Terlazzo, and he finished ahead of future World and Olympic Champ Stan Stanczyk! In July 1942 Roger was drafted into the World War 2 effort and lost 40 months of training opportunity. He returned to competition in June 1946 (Detroit, MI), finishing fourth as Lightweight at Senior Nationals: Press, 197 lbs.; Snatch, 207; C&J, 262. Pete George was Gold Medalist that time. Roger Dery’s competitive career concluded in 1947. Lifetime Best Lifts were 230 lbs. Press, 235 Snatch and 296 Clean & Jerk (latter not ratified by AAU, as officials failed to weigh him after the lift, the practice at the time), all as Lightweight.