BORN: 1932


Nate Harris initially competed in bodybuilding contests before launching a career as an Olympic-style and Powerlifter, primarily in 165 Lbs. Class. While in the military (1952-’54) he met Jim Bradford and got interested in competitive WL. He was coached by Ed Goyette at the Boston YMCU and would later become the driving force of lifting there as coach, official, event promoter–while still competing himself. He was also an official for physique and “odd lifts” and Powerlifting contests in New England area for a decade, starting in mid-1950s. On the Olympic-style WL platform, Nate won Junior New England title in 1957, 5th Place at Junior Nationals following year, plus 2nd Place at that event in 1962. Massachusetts State Champion total of 6 times (1959 through ’61; 1964 through ’66). Nate was Senior New England Champion (165 Lbs. Class) in 1961 and ’62, and Silver Medalist three other times. His Personal Best Total of 770 came in 1961: Press–230 lbs.; Snatch–235 lbs.; Clean & Jerk–305 lbs. Unfortunately, while in top form for Oly WL, Harris suffered a back injury requiring surgery and was left without feeling in his right foot. Despite this problem, his Personal Best Press came in 1965 (New England Championships) at 245 lbs. The foot issue prompted Nate to take up Powerlifting, which proved very successful for him. He was AAU Champion 1964 and Junior National Champ the following year. He came in Second at the 1965 Senior National Powerlifting Championships and Third there in ’67. Nate held US Powerlifting Records (165 Lbs. Class) in Squat, Deadlift and Total. Bumping up to 181 Lbs. Class, he set a US Record for the Deadlift. His Deadlift Record at 165 held up almost four years; at 181 pounds it lasted 1 1/2 years. Harris’s interest in physique contests returned and he became AAU Chairman for those events for New England and went back to competing himself. In 1960 he won Mr. Insurance City, Mr. Athlete and Mr. Nutmeg titles, adding Mr. Berkshires in 1962. In 1964 he competed for Mr. United States title. All in all, a most interesting athletic career.