BORN: 1952


A long-time resident of Rhode Island, Mark Cameron holds, among other distinctions, claim to having been the youngest and lightest in bodyweight US lifter to Clean & Jerk over 500 pounds. This feat has not been surpassed as of June 2013. He was coached by the legendary Joe Mills at Central Falls Weightlifting Club. Mark was Teenage National Champion in 1971 and ’72 (this would now be deemed Junior National Champion). Competing in the heavier weight classes without crossing the line into “unlimited” bodyweight, he racked up a very impressive collection of titles: Junior National Champion 1974; Senior National Champion 1975 through 1980; named to US World Team 1974 through 1980. Cameron made the US Olympic Team in 1976, finishing 5th in Montreal; named to 1980 Olympic Team (which never got to compete due to US boycott). He won Silver Medals in both lifts plus total at the Pan American Games of 1975 and Gold across the board at same event in 1979. The following year he was a Finalist in the balloting for the Sullivan Award, which honored the best amateur athletes in the US from all disciplines. During his career Mark set 26 US National Records. As a Masters lifter he was National Champion in 2003. In addition to New England, Cameron was elected to the University of Rhode Island, Mid-Atlantic and USAW Halls of Fame. Lifetime Best Snatch–170 kilos; Best Clean & Jerk–227.5 kilos (approximately 501 1/2 lbs.). Best Press, while that lift was still being contested–310 lbs. in 181 Lbs. Bodyweight Class. Mark Cameron was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of USAW, serving 2008-2010. [NOTE: Mark will be credited with certain New England Records once documentation of these lifts is secured. –Editor]