A resident of Meriden, Connecticut, John competed as a Light and Middle Heavyweight, as well as Heavyweight lifter. He was active in Olympic WL as well as physique contests from mid-1940s to mid-‘50s. He was considered top lifter in his home state during that time. In Baltimore, MD at the 1948 Eastern District Olympic Trials John came in 6th as Light Heavyweight, achieving a 231 1/2 lbs. Press, 248 Snatch and 314 1/4 Clean & Jerk. Again in Baltimore, 1950 Junior Nationals, achieved 5th place in Heavyweight Class with lifts of 245+245+310 lbs. At same year’s Senior Nationals (Philadelphia, PA), John took Bronze Medal with 235+240+320 lbs. He was Light Heavyweight Champion the following year at Junior Nationals (Boston, MA). There he Pressed 240 lbs., Snatched 235 and C&J’d 320. John entered 1952 Senior Nationals/Final Olympic Trials, gaining Bronze as Middle Heavyweight. His lifts were 242 1/2+237+325 lbs. STRENGTH & HEALTH magazine rated him 4th in the nation for that year in that Weight Class. At National YMCA Championships for 1954 (Providence, RI), again as a Middle Heavyweight, Morley got Bronze with 240+260+330 lbs. The Snatch established a National YMCA Record. John Morley employed the split technique for his Olympic lifts. In the realm of physique contests, he won titles of Mr. Massachusetts 1946 and Mr. Connecticut 1947. He also competed in the national Mr. America contests of 1947 and 1949, and was known for performing a hand balancing routine.