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Ernie Hackwood was born in Great Britain, emigrated to US by way of Canada around 1927. He’d been injured in World War 1 service, suggesting he was born in late 19th Century. Was Honorary Instructor at Sheffield (GB) Weightlifting Club. While still in nation of his birth he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Thomas Inch (of Inch Dumbbell fame), W.A. Pullum, Alan Meade and Herman Goerner. Having settled in this country he became Physical Director of YMCA of Hartford, CT. Organized CT Weightlifters Association. In early 1930s his team was deemed capable of besting any other amateur WL team in US, with exception of Bob Hoffman’s York (Pennsylvania) club. During this time Ernie was ACWLA and AAU State Chairman for CT. Under his tutelage, Light Heavyweight Henry Peck, of Hartford ‘Y,’ Clean & Jerked 304 1/2 lbs. in 1935, becoming the first New Englander to exceed 300 lbs. in that lift. Hackwood officiated at the 1938 Senior Nationals in Woonsocket, RI. In addition to coaching, officiating and administrating, Ernie competed as a professional, winning ACWLA Lightweight Class in 1934. At a professional strength exhibition in NY City in 1934 he performed an “abdominal raise” (sit-up?) with a 90-lb. barbell and a “shoulder bridge” holding up 300 lbs., while weighing 142 lbs. himself.