BORN: 1957


A native and long-time resident of Rhode Island, Dave Bruzzi became one of the most active Olympic Weightlifters in the US, traveling to numerous competitions and continuing to perform well in National Senior Championships after turning 35. In 1983 he was 4th place at Nationals in 75 Kilos Class, totaling 242.5 kilos. During following year he upped his Total to 255 kilos. At National Championships in 1985 he won Gold in 75 Kilos Class with a Total of 260. He was ranked 12th overall nationally in that class with a Total of 267.5 kilos. In 1987 he began competing in 82.5 Kilos Class in addition to 75s. Dave was ranked in the top 25 nationally for most of next several years in the heavier class. Attaining age 35 in 1992 and thus eligible to compete as a Masters lifter, he still ranked high in open competition: 6th in 75 Kilos, 14th in 82.5 Kilos. With a revision of the Weight Classes, he won Bronze Medal at 1993 Senior Nationals in 76 Kilos Class, Total 272.5. At age 36 he was nationally ranked 4th in 76 Kilos Class and 9th in 83 Kilos Class. The ensuing year, again at Senior Nationals, Bruzzi won Silver in 76 Kilos with a Total of 275 kilos; ranked 6th both in that class and 83 Kilos that year. In 1995 and ’96 he ranked in top 20 nationally. National Senior Championships of 1997 found Dave finishing 6th, at age 40, in 83 Kilos Class with a 272.5 kilos Total. He was ranked 13th in that and 76 Kilos Class for the year. Next year Weight Classes had changed again and Dave was 5th place at Senior Nationals in 77 Kilos Class. His Total of 270 was not far behind that of several years previous. His Total in 1999 was better yet, 275 kilos to gain 4th place at Nationals, again as a 77 Kilos lifter. At age 43 Bruzzi finished 7th at Senior National Championships in 2000, with a Total of 257.5. In the years since his induction Dave Bruzzi has competed for different clubs as a Masters lifter and as of May 2013 still holds multiple New England Masters Records.