CATEGORY: Administrator



Resident of Meriden, Connecticut. Dan became interested in weight training while serving in US Army during World War 2. After returning to civilian life in 1946, he joined his local YMCA and continued training on and off. Around 1950 he became serious about competitive Weightlifting, training steadily and entering contests. But he is best known for taking initiative to allow the sport to grow in CT, becoming a Referee and serving as Speaker at numerous meets starting in 1953. In 1956 Dan was appointed Chairman for WL for AAU in his home state (served until 1965). The number of contests held in CT started to grow from that time. Next year he was appointed WL Chairman for the YMCAs of New England. Come 1958 he obtained his credentials as an International Referee, the only one in CT at the time. During these years as an administrator, Biernacki also traveled to other states to volunteer as Referee, Weigher, Speaker, etc. Family responsibilities required a reduction in Dan’s volunteer work and by 1965 he had resigned his chairmanships but he continued to serve as a Referee at competitions thereafter when possible.